About the Chair




Chair of Clinical Immunology

Rokietnicka 5D

60-806 Poznan

tel. (+48) 61 8547174


e-mail: immuno@ump.edu.pl


Chairman of  The Chair of Clinical Immunology:   dr hab. med. Grzegorz Dworacki, prof. UM

Tel. (+48) 61 8547178, e-mail: gdwrck@ump.edu.pl


Chairman of The Department of Immunology:  prof. dr hab. n. med. Jan Sikora

Tel. (+48) 61 8547177, e-mail: jan-sikora@wp.pl




Department Staff:

  • Prof. Jan Sikora, PhD

  • Prof. Grzegorz Dworacki, MD

  • Magdalena Frydrychowicz, PhD

  • Elżbieta Jeżewska, PhD

  • Renata Jenek, PhD

  • Mariusz Kaczmarek, PhD

  • Husam Samara, MD

  • Mirosław Szczepański, MD

  • Bartosz Brzezicha, MSc

  • Agata Kolecka-Bednarczyk, MSc

  • Joanna Rosołowska, MSc

  • Justyna Jakubas

  • Iwona Łakoma

  • Małgorzata Majewska

  • Monika Miłowska

  • Prof. Jan Żeromski, MD




Department Laboratories:



  • Laboratory of Immunodiagnostics - tel. (+48) 61 8547181

  • Laboratory of Cellular Immunology - tel. (+48) 61 8547177

  • Laboratory of Flow Cytometry - tel. (+48) 61 8547182

  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology (in organization) - tel. (+48) 61 8547180

  • The Chair and Department Office - tel. (+48) 61 8547174, fax (+48) 61 8547173



Important equipment:


  • 2 flow cytometers (FACScan and FACS Canto)

  • fluorescence microscopes (Olympus, Leitz, Zeiss)

  • laminar flow cabinets for working with infectious samples

  • cytocentrifuge (Shandon)

  • spectrocolorimeter (Multiscan)

  • thermocycler (MJ Research)

  • Gel Documentation System (DNR)

  • and others




The Chair of Clinical Immunology has been established on the basis of the Chair of Clinical Patomorphology, initially as the Laboratory of Immunohistochemistry (1963), later as the Department of Immunopathology, and since 1998 as independent Chair including the Department of Immunology and the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology.

The Department of Immunology performs scientific research, pre- and postgraduate teaching, wide immunodiagnostic activity not only within Poznan district, but also in the whole GreatPoland Voivodeship and even in the whole region of West Poland. Eight doctor theses and three habilitation ones were completed in the Department. Four research project grants of the Committee for Scientific Research were conducted. Since December, 2005 the Chair is a venue of All Poland Commissioned Programme of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education.