Activity of the Department


Scientific interest:


  • Tumor immunology with special attention of interactions between tumor and host at the local (in situ) level
  • Evaluation of apoptosis and its regulatory mechanisms in tumor mcroenvironment
  • Immunopathology of infectious diseases, especially in chronic viral hepatitis in developmental age
  • Evaluation of immunity in infectious and malignant diseases
  • Perfection and validation of immunodiagnostics



The Chair is a site of the Committee on Immunology and Etiology of Human Infections of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Since December, 2005 the Chair is a venue of All‑Poland Commissioned Programme of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education:


“Elaboration, perfection and validation of highly complex diagnostic procedures in immunological diseases”,



The scientific employees of the Department not only participate in the research projects but also provide the range of immunodiagnostic guidance for physicians and patients.

The Chair organize regularly All-Poland scientific-instructional meetings “Advances of Immunopathology in Clinical Diagnostics” with foreign attendants.

            The Department has several scientific collaborations with clinical departments of Poznan Alma Mater such as the Chairs of Otolaryngology, Thoracic Surgery, Perinatology, Pulmunology, Pediatrics Infectious Diseases, and Hematology. Besides, the Department collaborates with Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (Pittsburgh, USA) and the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology University of Essen (Germany).



Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching:


Undergraduate students:

  • Lectures and classes on Basic Immunology for 3rd year students of Faculty of Medicine
  • Classes on Clinical Immunology for 3rd year students of Faculty of Medicine


The whole course of 3rd year is finished by a multichoice question test.


  • In similar range of time (50 hours), the course is performed for 4 and 6 year English speaking students



Postgraduate students:

  • The Chair has an accreditation for performing the specialization course on Clinical Immunology
  • The Chair has scholars of Doctoral Fellowship
  • The Chair is a site for preparation of Master Thesis





  • Rheumatological diseases:


qualitative and quantitative assessment of autoantibodies

quantitative assessment of immunoglobulins and complement components

immunomorphological assessment of organ biopsies


  • Other autoimmune diseases – as above
  • Infectious diseases – as above
  • Detection and assessment of antibodies to selected viral antigens
  • Primary and acquired immune deficiencies:


    • quantitative assessment of immunoglobulins and complement components
    • assessment of presence and functional status of leukocyte subsets


·        Leukemias and other blood and bone marrow dyscrasias:


o       assessment of surface and cytoplasmatic antigens (immunophenotype) of tumor cells by flow cytometry

o       detection of monoclonal proteins in body fluids

o       evaluation of gene rearrangements and mutations by molecular techniques